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Nisi domini aedific vanum

Psalm 127: ‘Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain who build it’.

St Philomena's Catholic High School for Girls was established by the Daughters of the Cross of Liège.
This congregation was founded by Blessed Marie Thérèse Haze.

“Have courage, don’t lose heart" Blessed Marie Thérèse



St Philomena’s seeks to be a community where every member flourishes in the truth, wisdom and love revealed by Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. Through our work and shared life together each member is enabled to respond to the unique call from God to grow in holiness, personal fulfilment and loving service. We seek excellence in teaching and learning in all aspects of school life and hold that each person is a gift from God, to be treasured and deserving of respect and dignity.


Our Mission is:

1. To develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ - to seek Him, to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him.

Constitution of the Daughters of the Cross No 74

To pray is to encounter Jesus and to be united to him as he prays to his Father through the Spirit.


2. To enable each person to become the person God calls them to be.

Constitution of the Daughters of the Cross No 15

Our vocation, a free gift from God, is a call and a mission. To respond means to commit the whole of our life to God according to the spirit of the Gospel. It reaches completion in the glory of heaven.


3. To bring the presence of Christ to others

Constitution of the Daughters of the Cross No 5

The Daughters of the Cross never separate the love of God from the love of people, they show that those who truly love God also love their neighbour.


4. To continue the unique legacy of the Daughters of the Cross in providing a great holistic education to equip women for their future and eternal life.

Constitution of the Daughters of the Cross No 10

Pay special attention to the signs of the times; be alert to the growing needs of the world.


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St Philomena's Core Values

St Philomena's Three Year Vision 

school wide 

St Philomena's School was first established in 1893, when the Daughters of the Cross purchased Carshalton House. This was advertised in The Times of 1859 as having "extensive and very complete arrangements for conducting an important scholastic establishment situated in finely timbered park grounds".

The school is situated in twenty-five acres of beautiful parkland and in buildings which include a refurbished Queen Anne Mansion. Since its foundation, the school has given its pupils every opportunity to develop spiritually, intellectually and socially in the context of a Catholic community which is forward looking while maintaining all that is best of traditional values.



1. A Community where Christ is present.

St Philomena's exists as a distinct community because it has Christ as its foundation. His teaching and example are the basis for its daily life, relationships and future hopes. It should be possible to meet Christ in all aspects of the life of the school and the spiritual dimension should underpin all its work:-

(a) Service

The example of service that Christ gave us when he washed his disciples' feet at the Last Supper should be what guides each person in the leadership of the staff and pupils for whom they have a special responsibility. Leadership in the school must reflect its Christian nature by putting the welfare and development of pupils and staff first and so putting Christ's example into practice.

(b) Personal Relationships

The twin themes of love of God and love of neighbour should guide every member of the community, both pupils and staff. We should be a spiritual and not just a religious community so we can show our love of God through our relationship with him. It is through the respect, concern and care shown by all members of the school for each other, whether pupils or staff, that we can see love of neighbour in practice.

(c) Spiritual Development

St Philomena's should provide a setting where the faith of pupils and staff can mature. Our prayer and liturgy should enable pupils and staff to find a greater knowledge of and closer relationship to God, and the practical circumstances of daily life should be used to help us develop our consciences and moral judgement. It should be a setting where pupils and staff are allowed the freedom and opportunity to think about and develop their own principles and attitudes in the light of the teaching of Christ and his Church.

(d) Curriculum

One of the early Church Fathers said: "The glory of God is each person fully alive". The curriculum at St Philomena's should encourage excellence and achievement through the breadth of opportunity available, the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom and the motivation that comes from good relationships between staff and pupils. Each pupil is equally important and this should be reflected in the curriculum where all pupils should be encouraged to achieve their potential, and have their achievements recognised and praised.

All members of St Philomena's should be encouraged to fulfil their ministry and use their talents to the full so that they can bring Christ to each other and to the wider community of the school.

2. A Community from which Christ is taken to others 

St Philomena’s cannot be a community in isolation. Its members must go out to play their full role in the local church and bring their distinctive influence to bear on the wider community. 

All pupils at St Philomena’s should be helped and prepared for the roles they can play in the community outside the school. They will be helped to develop the qualities of personal responsibility and commitment as well as the knowledge and skills which will equip them for later life. 

We must look forward so that we can prepare pupils now for the changes and challenges that the wider world will present in their adult lives whether in the world of work, in the areas of moral and social issues or in the Church. They will be better able to bring Christ into all aspects of their lives and influence others by their example. 

It is our responsibility to prepare all pupils so that they can fulfil their ministry in the Church and the wider world now and in the future. By taking Christ to others by their work and example they will be the leaven, which helps to establish the Kingdom of God. 






A level Results Website Banner

2021 - A Level  and BTEC results.

The headline figures are as follows:

  • 17 % of all entries were A* grades.
  • 48.8 % of all entries were A* - A grades.
  • 78.8 % of all entries were A* - B grades.
  • 96.5 % of all entries were A*- C grades.
  • 100 % pass rate in all A Level and BTEC subjects.

Click here for further Congratulations and Notable Achievements


GCSE Website Banner 1 1 

2021 - GCSE and BTEC Results

  • 95% of students achieved 5 or more passes at grades 9-4 
  • 42% of students achieved 10 9-4 grades or better
  • 83% of students gained 5 or more grades 9-4 including Maths & English
  • 48%  of all grades achieved were at grades 9-7
  • 100%  pass rate for all subjects
  • 97% of students achieved an 9-4 grade in English Language
  • 95 % of students achieved an 9-4 grade in English Literature
  • 25  students achieved at least 1 top grade 9 in English or Maths
  • 100% of students achieved Distinction Star- Pass in BTEC Sport and Business

Click here for further Congratulations and Notable Achievements


Click the links below for the Results Data:




Click to view the Performance Tables, please note these are showing 2018 - 2019

sd School day



All students should have a 100% punctuality record. Only lateness for exceptional reasons will be excused. Regular lateness is unacceptable.

Students should be in school by 8.15 a.m. and in their Tutor Room at 8.25 a.m. Students who arrive after 8.30 a.m. but before 8.45 a.m. should go to Reception to be registered by a senior member of staff. Students who arrive after 8.45 a.m. must go to the Attendance Officer in SP4 to be signed in. Students are not allowed to arrive late for Lesson 1 without a slip from the Attendance Officer, unless they have had a music lesson in school.

In cases for example, where the absence at registration was for attending an early morning medical appointment, the appropriate authorised absence code will be entered.


The school’s procedures for dealing with poor punctuality are outlined below:

Stage 1: Tutor monitors punctuality weekly and discusses concerns with student.
Stage 2: Where possible contact will be made with parents on Academic Review Day if punctuality continues to cause concern.
Stage 3: Attendance Officer contacts home via letter if punctuality continues to cause concern (total of 3 lates)
Stage 4: Head of Year contacts home via letter if a total of 5 late marks are accrued. A Student Contract is initiated to monitor punctuality daily. Students will stay one hour after school on any day they arrive late; parents will be informed by phone when this is the case. A student on contract who is late twice in any one week will be required to attend Saturday Detention between 9 a.m. and 12 noon in full school uniform.
Stage 5: Parents invited to meet with SLT link and Head of Year  (more than 8 lates)
Stage 6: Parents invited to meet with Headteacher and Head of Year (12+ lates)
Stage 7: Headteacher invites parents to meet and discuss continued concerns about punctuality with the Governors Pastoral & Well Being Committee where necessary.



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