Student Behaviour on Public Transport


Safe travel and good behaviour on public transport are essential for the safety of the young person and the school’s reputation in the community. The school maintains close links with local residents and transport companies and will investigate all incidents of misbehaviour or damage on public transport using current school policy and procedures. Examples of the type of behaviour, which will invoke a sanction, are listed below:-

• Bullying/harassment/intimidation (physical and/or verbal);

• Distracting the driver;

• Failure to follow instruction from the driver;

• Moving around the vehicle/sitting in the stairwell;

• Throwing objects inside the vehicle or out of the windows;

• Verbal abuse - swearing;

• Vandalism/damage to the vehicle (criminal damage will be reported to the Police and parents will be held responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle)


There are a number of ways in which parents/carers can help in ensuring that their daughter/’s travel to/from school in a safe manner. The following should be used as a guide:

• Students should arrive at the appropriate bus stop/train station and queue in an orderly manner. They should take every care not to spill out onto the road, approach rails and must not obstruct other passengers who are waiting or need to pass-by on the pavement or train platform;

• Parents/carers should ensure that their daughter knows what to do should the bus/train not arrive on time (or at all);

• Many young people never ride on public transport on their own until they attend High school so it might be appropriate for parents/carers to take them on the journey beforehand so they can learn consideration for other passengers and also how to use the service safely;

• There are places on a bus where passengers cannot stand, especially alongside the driver, on the stairs and on the top deck of the bus - it is important young people know the importance of not standing in these restricted areas. It is still accepted and courteous for young people to stand only when there are no seats available to allow the elderly, pregnant and/or disabled to sit down.


We regularly remind students of the school’s expectations for behaviour in public and take every opportunity to praise and reward those, of which there are many, who represent the school with pride. We would appreciate your support in ensuring the school reputation continues to serve our students well long after they have finished their education at St Philomena’s.

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