COMPULSORY UNIFORM                                                                                                                  

We would like to emphasise the importance of the St Philomena’s School uniform of which outdoor uniform is an integral part and must be worn by all students up to and including Year 11.  Students who defy the school rules by disregarding the school uniform regulations may be sent home.  As appearance is important, hair should not be worn over the eyes and hair styles which the school judge to be extreme will not be allowed.


  • Outdoor Uniform.  The school blazer over which any plain dark brown or navy coat (no fur trim) should be worn in cold or wet weather.  Students must not travel to school in cold or wet weather wearing only their blazer.
  • Shoes should support the whole foot:  Shoes which do not firmly grip the upper part of the foot are not suitable.  The heels should be flat, not higher than 3cms. The colour is plain black or brown.  Bows etc. are not allowed and toes should not be too pointed. Sling back shoes, ankle strap shoes, fabric or plastic beach-type shoes and black trainers are not suitable.  Boots or ankle boots may never be worn inside the building.
  • School bag/case – There are three official bags in a variety of capacities and prices. All are plain black backpacks and are available only from Cladish & Co, the school uniform supplier. Initial of Christian name, middle name and surname should be embroidered in bold letters 2.5 cm high and in gold across the front of the bag. Please note that Cladish, our uniform suppliers, provide an embroidery service.
  • School kilt worn below the knee.
  • School V-necked jumper. Jumpers must be worn in addition to the blazer in the late autumn and spring term. In summer the jumper is not compulsory. Sleeves must not be frayed or ripped – please mend or replace.
  • School blouse – short sleeved.  A white/cream T-Shirt should only be worn under the blouse in cold weather.  The school blouse must be tucked into the skirt, and it is not to be regarded as an over-blouse.
  • School PE skort/shorts and shirt – Initial of Christian name and full surname should be embroidered in bold letters 2.5 cm high and in gold across the front of these garments, so that the name is visible when the uniform is worn. Please note that Cladish, our uniform suppliers, provide an embroidery service.
  • Sports socks must be worn for PE – navy football socks should be worn for outdoor games lessons.
  • PE kit bag - official blue PE holdall and/or a brown drawstring bag available from Cladish & Co, the school uniform supplier. Plastic bags must not be used.
  • One piece swimming suit and swimming hat (any colour). Goggles (optional).
  • Navy blue tracksuit top with logo available from the school supplier (Optional, please note PE lessons will take place outdoors during winter months).
  • Tights (beige or brown) or cream knee socks should be worn from September to Easter.  Short white ankle socks may be worn in the summer term, but not trainer socks. Black socks or tights may never be worn in school.
  • An apron (any colour, without pocket) for Food Technology.
  • Scarf, hat and gloves must be plain dark brown or cream only.
  • Valuables bag (named) – to be used when handing in valuables for safekeeping.

Students in Years 7-11 are not allowed to wear earrings or have any visible body piercing, tattoos or acrylic nails. If parents wish their daughter to have their ears pierced we suggest this happens at the beginning of the Summer holidays.  There must be no extreme hair styles or unnatural colours. Hair ornaments, slides and bands should be plain brown, cream or gold only. All make-up is forbidden. Students in Year 7-11 inclusive may wear a watch.  No other jewellery is allowed.

It is imperative that all students wear the correct uniform.  If you have any problems with the school uniform suppliers please let us know rather than buy alternatives elsewhere.  If there are any special temporary difficulties please let the Assistant Headteacher, Miss O’Reilly, know in writing.  N.B.  The PE uniform is exclusively for PE lessons and matches.  It may not be worn when travelling to and from school.


Uniform can be bought from:https://www.cladishsports.co.uk/schoolwear/st-philomenas/

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