According to Child Bereavement UK, when a child or young person experiences the death of someone important to them, they not only need to adapt to living with their grief within the family home, but also to the challenges of a changed life in the outside world. Children need to be supported when they experience family bereavements and other significant losses in the course of their lives while they are at school as they spend a large proportion of their time there, and their social life is often centred on the friends they’ve made during this time.

Bereaved teenagers struggle for independence may cause them to challenge the beliefs and expectations of others as to how they should be feeling or behaving. Death increases anxieties about the future, and they may question the meaning of life and experience depression. Teenagers may find it easier to discuss their feelings with a sympathetic friend or adult than with a close family member. They may be having difficulty coming to terms with their own mortality and that of those close to them; they may cope with this by refusing to contemplate the possibility of death by taking part in risk-taking behaviour. Anger makes up a large part of their grief, often compounded by a sense of injustice.

Grief Support App

The charity have also created an app aimed at 11 – 25 years olds, available on both iOS and android. The app has information about bereavement, grief, feelings and how to help. There are stories from people affected, including short films written and made by bereaved young people. The app is also useful for friends, teachers, parents and professionals who would like to know how to support bereaved young people.

Grief: Support for Young People (Google Play/Android)

Grief: Support for Young People (iOS app)


Our School

This school is committed to the emotional health and well-being of its staff and pupils. When bereavement occurs, it can affect a variety of people, not just the family concerned. Our school Bereavement Policy follows the guidelines set out by Child Bereavement UK to ensure that the appropriate members of the school community are given sufficient support and advice. We understand that bereavement is faced by members of our school community at different times and that when the loss is of a member of our school community – such as a child or staff member, it can be particularly difficult. Everyone, child or adult, will grieve in their own way.

If you are experiencing a bereavement and are concerned about the impact on your child please contact a member of the school safeguarding team on 0202 8642 2025.


Further information:

Child Bereavement UK

Winston’s Wish

Cruse Bereavement Care

Jigsaw4u - Advice on Student Bereavement

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