Sixth Form Lecture Programme



The Sixth Form continues to welcome visiting academics to the school as part of its Lecture Programme.

Recently, Year 12 students of History heard from Dr Stewart McCain of St Mary’s University, Twickenham, on ‘Did Napoleon betray the French Revolution?’. They considered Napoleon Bonaparte as one of the most discussed figures in European History. From an obscure family of Corsican nobles, Napoleon made his name in France’s revolutionary armies, rose to power through a coup d’état, and built an enormous empire through force of arms. Yet he also rationalised laws, introduced religious toleration, and reformed the public administration of the countries that he conquered. This lecture gave Year 12 students a taste of History at University, and they discussed whether Napoleon betrayed the principles of the French Revolution, as well as thought about how History at University differs from A-Level, and what studying a History degree can lead on to. 

SixthForm Lecture Programme 1

Meanwhile, Year 12 students of English Literature, heard from Dr Peter Howell about ‘The canon of the English Literature and the #MeToo generation’. This session asked Year 12 students to rethink the selection of the ‘classics’ of English Literature in the light of recent debates about feminism and sexual identity. ‘English Lit’ has not - since the 1950s anyway - excluded feminine experience, and could be seen as a more diverse discipline than subjects like Philosophy, History and Film Studies. However, the critique of patriarchy has now become more urgent, and the need to reflect on what might constitute an emancipated feminine voice in literature was explored in this seminar.

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