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Year 12 Imperial College and University of Surrey

Year 12 spent their First Day of Sixth Form entering the Wide World of University.
As part of our first day as new Year 12 students, we were given the opportunity to visit a university ranked 9th best in the world and 5th best in the country, famously known as Imperial College London. This university specialises in a wide variety of Engineering, and Maths courses as well as Science-based subjects such as medicine. We travelled to Imperial College London by train to Victoria and then the underground to South Kensington. When we reached the university, we were amazed by its high buildings and beautiful, modern architecture. The whole campus holds almost 3,000 students; however, it is not the biggest university in London.

We were met by a professor who works at Imperial College London. She escorted us into one of the study rooms: it was enormous with plenty of space and comfy chairs. She began to educate us on what you could do at Imperial and how you could apply. From the talk, I learnt that you need at least three A grades at A-level to apply for Imperial, and that some courses require specific A-levels. I was also made aware of the importance of a personal statement and how when applying for university, you have to put down five options just in case that course is made unavailable to you after you’ve taken your A-levels.
After we had the lecture from this professor, we were split into two groups and were taken on a tour of the campus by one of the students who is currently studying there. The tour was interesting as we were able to understand what life is really like at university. We were then taken to one of the lecture rooms, where the actual ‘lessons’ take place. This was the biggest study room I had ever seen as it seated over 300 students. There we learnt that in ‘lessons’ there is usually minimal interaction as there are so many people, but after lectures there are study groups which allow you to ask any questions. I was also made aware that you need 70% or above on your course to get a First-Class degree at Imperial College. Overall I had an inspiring time and was educated on what university is really like.

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