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Family Learning



Parental Engagement

This year the school have been participating in the London Parental Engagement (PE) Collaborative Enquiry led by Professor Bill Lucas. As part of our enquiry thirty parents completed a PE survey at the Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening earlier this year.

The survey confirmed that the vast majority of parents would appreciate the opportunity to attend practical workshops that help them support their daughter's learning. During our Family Learning workshop we discussed a variety of issues including learning homes, parents as coaches and classrooms on your doorstep. Additional surveys were used to find out about current levels of support provided by parents. All survey results can be found on the school website in the parents' information area along with other related documents.

We looked at 'classrooms on your doorstep' such as libraries, theatre, historical buildings, farms, art galleries, cinema, leisure centres, sports clubs, guides and university towns. Parents listed the following venues as having been enjoyed by their children:

Hampton Court
Chartwell (Winston Churchill)
Walsingham Norfolk
Aylesford Priory, Kent
Brockwell Park, Herne Hill
Highclere Castle, Newbury
Warwick Castle
Hever Castle, Kent
Hyde Park
Regent Park
Tate Modern – Southbank
National Portrait Gallery
London Monument

Tower of London
River Wey – rowing
Honeywood Museum, Carshalton
Brooklands Museum, Weybridge
Victoria & Albert Museum
Maritime Museum
Toy Museum
Science Museum
British Museum
Natural History Museum
Imperial War Museum
Horniman Museu
Following feedback received from parents on the workshop evening we intend to look at how we can better support family learning in terms of offering parents more information about what their child is learning, what assessments will include and when they will take place. We will also look at the methods we use to report assessment data to parents. It has already been agreed that every subject will recommend an appropriate website that can help both students and parents and this information will be communicated to parents. We have also calendared more practical workshops on a range of topics for next year; more information to follow.

Parents wishing to contact a subject teacher should use the new school email address - School email address – enquiries@stphils.org.uk

Thank you to all the parents who supported the workshop or who helped with the surveys.

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