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Policies and Procedures

St Philomena's policies are available on this page for the whole school community to view. If parents / carers would like any of the policies below in a different format or language please call the school for assistance.


Accessibility Plan 2015-2018

Admissions Policy 2018

Anti Bullying Policy 2017-2019

Anti-Radicalisation Policy 2017-2018

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Systems 2016-2017

Attendance Policy 2017-2018

      Leave of Absence Guidance 2015-2016

      Application for Student Leave of Absence Form

Behaviour Policy 2017-2018

      Statement of Principles on Student Discipline and Behaviour 2016-2017

Careers Education and Guidance Policy 2016-2018

Charging and Remissions Policy 2017-2019

Complaints Procedure 2017-2018

Data Protection Policy 2015-2017

Drug Education and Incident Management Policy 2017-2019

Policy for Education in Human Love 2017-2018

      EHL Overview Grid 2017-2018

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy 2016-2018

English as an Additional Language Policy 2016-2018

Equality Duty Information and Objectives 2015-2018

E-Safety Policy 2016-2017

Governors' Allowances Policy 2016-2018

GCSE Early Entry Policy 2017-2018

Health and Safety Policy 2017-2018

Infection Control Policy 2016-2018

International Awareness and Global Learning Policy 2016-2017

Lettings Policy 2016-2017

Literacy Policy 2015-2016

Medical Needs Policy 2016-2017

Model Publication (FOI) Scheme 2015-2017

Most Able Policy 2015-2017

Moving from Marking Towards Feedback Policy 2017-2018

Positive Handling Policy 2017-2019

PSHEe and Citizenship Policy 2017-2019

Pupil Premium Policy 2017-2018

Policy on Religious Education and Collective Worship 2016-2017

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2017-2018

      What to do if you're worried a child is being abused

School Visits Policy 2016-2018

SEND Policy 2016-2017

     St Philomena's Local Offer

Setting Policy 2015-2016

Sixth Form Entry Policy - September 2017

Social Media Policy 2016-2017

Target Setting Policy 2016-2017

Teaching and Learning Policy 2017-2018

Volunteers in School Policy 2016-2018

Young Carers Policy 2016-2018




British Values

Heatwave Plan 2017-2018

Home School Agreement

House System 2017-2018

Medical Information Form

Penalty notices for parents of pupils absent from school

Self-Harm Protocol 2016-2017

Snow Plan

Tutor Group Arrangements 2017-2018

Protocol for Visitors to the School 2016-2018