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Healthy School

Healthy Eating

  • Eat breakfast each day as research proves students learn more if they have eaten before school. If you leave home early then bring something to eat when you arrive at school. A sandwich or buttered teacake and a piece of fruit with a carton of orange juice would be ideal. Remember the Dining Hall is open from 7.30a.m.
  • Drink plenty of water and carry a water bottle especially in hot weather.
  • Eat 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Eat lots of bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.
  • Go easy on fried foods.
  • Eat crisps, sweets, chocolate and carbonated drinks only occasionally.
  • Eat a hot meal each day for lunch instead of snacks.
  • Make sure your packed lunch is healthy by following the above suggestions.
  • From September 2007 only traditional hot meals will be served and no fast food. Sandwiches will still be available. This is in line with the government nutrition guidelines on healthy eating initiative to improve the food sold to schoolchildren. There will be further restrictions on the sale of goods in vending machines.
  • St Philomena's was awarded Healthy School Status in May 2007.