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Instructions for Public Examinations

Below are the school instructions which students must adhere to in order to successfully sit examinations.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the official "Joint Council for Qualifications" information and instructions.

1. Years 7-13 must come to school in full school uniform.

2. Most AS and A2 level exams start at 8.45am and 1.00pm each day and GCSE exams at 8.30am and 1.30pm.

(Check timetable and information board each day for exceptions.)

3. Exam venues and times will be on the board under the veranda outside Reception and on the exam noticeboard near the Reprographics Room a few days in advance – CHECK THESE noticeboards regularly.

4. Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than the times stated.

5. Wait outside the exam venue quietly.

6. Enter the exam room, find your seat and sit down in silence - no turning around - face the front.

7. You must not take into the examination room any unauthorised material or equipment which might give you an unfair advantage such as notes, calculator cases/instructions, bags, personal stereos, electronic or radio communication devices, including mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players. Mobile phones must be switched off and left in your bag (see notice below). No sweets, mascots, 'beepy' watches, etc. Drinks must be in clear bottles – all labels must be removed.

8. No pencil cases or bags in the room. Put calculators, pens, pencils etc in a clear polythene bag or clear case. No calculator cases or instructions - all calculators should be cleared of information and programs. You must bring your own calculator. The school is not able to provide calculators.

9. Do not write until you are told to. Check you have the correct exam paper. Read instructions carefully. Write in BLACK ink/biro. Pencil may be used for diagrams/graphs. Any rough work must be done on exam stationery, crossed through and handed in at the end of the exam. Ink erasers or tippex pens are not allowed.

10. Anybody arriving late will not be given any extra time unless they have been involved in an accident or been ill, but this cannot be guaranteed. The Boards have the right not to accept the papers of candidates who are late. You should telephone the school as soon as possible to notify us of any difficulty you might have in getting to the exam on time.

11. If you finish an exam before time, you will not be allowed to leave until the end. All additional sheets must be attached to Answer Booklets in the correct order at the end of the exam. Check that you have filled in the front of the Answer Booklet correctly, eg with question numbers answered, etc.

12. Silence at all times, even when the papers are being collected at the end of the exam. There are very serious consequences for anybody found communicating with anybody else in the exam room.

13. If you are ill or not feeling well during an exam let the invigilator know asap. We will need a doctor's certificate within seven days of the exam - otherwise we cannot ask for special consideration.

14a. If you are absent for an exam component, you will be awarded zero marks for the missed component. A reduced grade will, therefore, be awarded and your certificate will be endorsed as such.

14b. If you miss a component due to illness and you have a medical certificate, you may be able to receive an appropriate award and compensation for the missed component(s) provided you have completed a certain percentage of the award. Your certificate will not be endorsed. You must ring the school before 8.20am if you are going to be absent.

15. Students must be careful to turn up to the correct exams at the correct time. Check the information board the day before the exam. General Notes

16. Make a timetable of your exams at home. Your Statements of Entry tell you whether it is am or pm. Check it very carefully and crosscheck with friends. You will not be allowed to do an exam in the afternoon when it was actually in the morning. You must inform us of any clashes immediately if you have not already done so.

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