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For information relating to the 2016 Reunion please click here


The 2014 Reunion

We were blest with beautiful weather on 13th September and the School and grounds were looking their very best.

Fr Luke Verhees kindly celebrated our Mass in the Chapel. We were grateful to him and to Andrew Mitchell (whose sister is a Philomenian) for playing the organ and to our Eucharistic Ministers, Readers and Servers.

Mass was followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Anne Wall ( a former committee member) and enjoyed by 100 ex-pupils including 5 old boys. Valerie Mann, OGA Chair, introduced the guests: Miss Maria Noone, the present Head Teacher, Mrs Moira Kilkenny, retired Head, Miss Elizabeth Telford retired deputy, Father Luke Verhees and Sister Gillian Price FC, who was our after lunch speaker. Valerie thanked her for her most interesting talk on the important work of the Sisters during the 150 years since the foundation of the Daughters of the Cross by Mere Marie Therese.

We were joined by a further 50 old girls for the afternoon reunion and there were opportunities to tour the school, (thanks to Miss Noone and members of the Sixth Form), to visit the Hermitage led by Amanda Hill and to reminisce over the memorabilia which Mr Lockett had kindly prepared.

During tea Valerie welcomed the Head, Miss Noone, who spoke about her vision for St Philomena's and the many and various changes in education that the staff and girls are experiencing.

Sister Kathleen O'Reilly, the Superior General of the Order, then gave a presentation about the Sisters' work in the Cameroon. She explained how important this was in the education and care of girls and women and how the OGA hoped to make a larger financial contribution to it in the future. She thanked old girls for their generosity over the last seven years.

It was lovely to see many new faces together with many of our loyal members.

The members of the Committee hope that everyone enjoyed the Reunion and look forward to seeing them at our next gathering in September 2016.

Valerie Mann

Chair OGA Committee


Reunion 2010

Well over 100 old girls attended our last reunion, including groups celebrating various decades of leaving school. The memorabilia exhibition, organised by Mr Geoff Lockett, stirred many memories and the tour of the Water Tower was also popular. At the end of the afternoon cream tea was enjoyed by all in the Marie Therese Hall. Valerie Mann, OGA Chair, welcomed us and gave a summary of the OGA year. Mr Hordley, the Acting Headteacher, brought us up to date with the achievements and varied activities at St Philomena's. The weather was kind and we hope everyone enjoyed the afternoon. We look forward to our next reunion in 2012.

Attendees at the 2010 reunion included (married name in brackets):-

Amanda Hill (Holmes), Erica Phillips, Mary Corcoran (Cooper), Victoria Phillips(Ashby), Pamela Farrar (Hooper), Maureen Murphy, Margaret Goodall ( Panayiotou), Pamela Carter, Marie Goodall ( Potter), Marilyn Bateman (Dent), Dagmar Christiansen (Vinnicombe), Jean Silvester, Lois Teare(Shields), Claire Gwynn(Bignall), Pauline Abbott, Sally Hind, Gillian Abott(Beer),Ann Wigglesworth ( Mullak?),Katherine White(Serras), Carolyn Reeves, Margaret Verrall (Wilson), Eileen Nelson (Adams),Susan Brantingham (Lytle), Liz Dearmer (Livock), Janette Diamond (Pattison), Franki Filose(Middleton), Amanda Elstone (Hill), Hilary Moon (Horley), Hilary Taylor (Storey), Mary Collins ( Mitchell-Gofay), Mary Bilski (Northmore), Margaret Whaley (vanderWaals), Mary Edwards(Bonniface), Pippa Prior (Lindsay), Fiona Duncan (Bell), Sarah Murray, Lily Murray, Rebecca Loader, Siobhan O'Connell, Julie Dallison(Simonetti), Finia Lagnarda(Tisi), Natalie Gordon, Theresa Morrissey (Price), Jane Quinlan(Russell), Sue Boddy(Rodgers), Marolyn Jones (Cogswell) , Barbara Donegan (Walkers), Gillian Shaddock, Kathleen Hope (Smith), Carol Donegan (Stafford), Stephanie Macdonald, India Munary ?, Aedemue Vas(McGlou), Michelle Gardiner (Cocker), Margaret Fuller, Rosie O'Connor, Lucy O'Connor, Marg Traynor (Taylor), Miranda Gay (Andrews), Janet Wheeldon (Gay), Lea Whitehead(White), C arol Horner(Thomson), Maureen Whitfield (Murcutt) , Helen O'Reagan (Danson), Angela Perry (Johns), Tina O'Shea (O'Connor), Kathy O'Donnell (Peecock), Maxine Bennett (Tharian), Anne Smith(Wall ), Valerie Clifford (Mann), Judith Murray, Teresa Hartshorn (White), Bridget Murphy, John Hordley, Geoff Lockett, Elizabeth Telford, Anne Burge (Barnes), Marianne Aldridge (Goldie), Julie Clare.